If you've truly had enough of feeling stressed, guilty, or constantly short on time or money, then this is for you.

You Can Live Life Differently and Create the Freedom You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous Family in 2019!!!

Imagine authentically feeling peaceful and at ease in every situation—trusting yourself to make the best decisions, do the right thing, and to create the family and life YOU really want for yourself! It IS possible. I’ll show you how.

Does this resonate with you?

  • It feels like there’s never enough time or money, no matter how hard you work. Climbing out of this place feels impossible sometimes.

  • You often second-guess yourself, questioning whether you’re making the right choices for your family (about everything from money to parenting). You wish you had some sort of internal compass, so you could trust yourself.

  • Although you can keep it together when things are going smoothly, it seems like the second life throws you a curve ball, you lose your grip on your sanity. You wish you could achieve unshakeable inner peace so you could be the rock for your family, no matter what chaos is happening around you.


If this resonates, you’re in EXACTLY the right place, and I guarantee results. 

You CAN end the struggle, and enjoy a happy, healthy, family now.


“I did the Spiritual practices that she suggested; I was honest with her about my fears and we worked out issues and continue to go deeper. I have experienced so many breakthroughs in all areas of my life and I am so grateful for her support. The blessings that I have received from this investment have expanded my faith immensely and I am looking forward to experiencing even more miracles in the next six months.”

Vera K., Mom, Grandmom, Rock Star, Great Falls, MT


“Christina is a truly gifted spiritual guide and healer. She managed to provide more effective spiritual guidance and emotionally-focused work in one session than some therapists accomplish over weeks and months.”

Kelly Lash, Child and Family Therapist, MS, LPC, Saint Petersburg, FL


“Christina is not typical! She empowers me and gives me guidance to look deep within and tap into my own power. Every session I have with Christina leaves me feeling light and at peace with myself. It feels great knowing I am 100% responsible for my life. She encouraged me to take risks and always reminds me that I am safe. As a result, I have allowed love into my life and realized how important it is to love myself first.”

Sabrina C., Licensed Master Social Worker, New York, NY

You CAN Step into Your Role as the true Leader of your Family – Empowered, Confident, and FREE. When You Do, Your Entire Life Transforms! You Become Happier and Healthier, and You FINALLY Achieve the Prosperity and Ease You Crave.  


I know, because I’ve done it. I'm a Family Success Coach, who's invested the last 20 years healing her own life and becoming an expert in Family Dynamics. 

My mission is to ensure that children have empowered, free, passionately engaged, peaceful, and prosperous moms raising them … mothers who own their power and their real role as leaders of the family.

I was “THAT” difficult child who wouldn't calm down or sit still. My parents didn't have the tools I'm offering you now and we all paid the consequences. We had to invest 20+ years and literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn what we know now, and I'm going to save you that time, money and heartache so you don't have to unravel decades' worth of trauma and issues later!  

You can do things differntly now, just like you promised you would and, you CAN totally afford this.


Ending the struggle, the fights, and seeing your child genuinely HAPPY. Spending quality time together, as you build strong, healthy relationships. Saving endless amounts of time, energy, money, and stress as you finally heal, together.


Imagine getting your life and family back!

YOU hold all the power—I'll show you how to access it today.

Take the first step now by signing up for a FREE Clarity Call with me

and together, we’ll get clear on the real root cause of the problem AND create a plan that works for the entire family! 

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