Discover How to Be the Mom You’ve Always Wanted to Be

I’m Christina Louise

I’m Christina Louise, Peaceful Parenting Mentor and Familiologist (expert on family dynamics). I offer a unique understanding of what you and your child are going through right now, because I WAS a “challenging child” and “troubled teen” myself! Because my parents didn’t understand how to manage their emotions without going into fight or flight mode, I wound up experiencing years of abuse and neglect, which resulted in self-loathing, anxiety, trouble with the law, and other serious issues including severe depression.

But as an adult, I knew I had a CHOICE: I could blame my upbringing and continue suffering, or I could take responsibility for ending the cycle of trauma and abuse. So, I embarked on an enlightening road of personal and family transformation which taught me how to use THE KEYS that make life so much easier.

I’ve condensed what took me two decades (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) to learn into unique Programs and Retreats that are designed to show you how to experience Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity in all areas of your life.

If you’re ready to journey into yourself, and discover how to truly connect with your child, I can’t wait to talk with you during a complimentary Parenting Breakthrough Session.

If you’re overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, confused, and/or depressed because you feel like you’re failing as a parent, you are in exactly the right place — and you are SO not alone.

Discover How to Be the Mom You’ve Always Wanted to Be:

Clear, Calm, Grounded, and Empowered … as You Confidently Raise Your Child to THRIVE in the World!

You CAN end the power struggles, and enjoy a healthy, respectful, mutually-fulfilling relationship with your child.

I’ll show you how.

If you’re reading this, some (or all) of the following may sound familiar:


Parenting feels like a constant battle. You’re exhausted, and it’s negatively affecting other areas of your life too (your relationships, your job, etc.).


Your child is fast becoming a “problem child,” and you’re scared things will continue to spiral out of control. You’re worried about him or her getting in trouble, and secretly, you may even fear him.


You know yelling, nagging, punishing and disciplining just doesn’t work, but you don’t know healthy alternatives.


You love your child, and it breaks your heart to not have a strong connection with him or her.


You’ve tried everything you can think of to parent “better.” You truly don’t know what you’re doing wrong.


You constantly judge yourself—as a mom, wife, woman—and you blame yourself for everything that’s going wrong in your family.

Take a deep breath. Help is here!


“I did the Spiritual practices that she suggested; I was honest with her about my fears and we worked out issues and continue to go deeper. I have experienced so many breakthroughs in all areas of my life and I am so grateful for her support. The blessings that I have received from this investment have expanded my faith immensely and I am looking forward to experiencing even more miracles in the next six months.”

Vera K.

Great Falls, MT


“Christina is a truly gifted spiritual guide and healer. She managed to provide more effective spiritual guidance and emotionally-focused work in one session than some therapists accomplish over weeks and months.”

Kelly Lash, MS, LPC

Buffalo, NY


“Christina is not typical! She empowers me and gives me guidance to look deep within and tap into my own power. Every session I have with Christina leaves me feeling light and at peace with myself. It feels great knowing I am 100% responsible for my life. She encouraged me to take risks and always reminds me that I am safe. As a result, I have allowed love into my life and realized how important it is to love myself first.”

Sabrina C., LMSW

New York, NY

Together, we can get you back into alignment with what you already know is best—for you and your child—in your heart.

I will show you how to:


  • Re-connect and become present with your inner knowing/guidance, and your higher power, so you stop questioning yourself, and parent with confidence.
  • Tune into your heart, receive clear guidance, and start creating a peaceful home and healthy family dynamics.
  • Discover and HEAL the root causes of the negative emotions and patterns that keep you from staying calm and collected, even in the most challenging situations.
  • Get your child to respect you and follow your rules, without punishment or anger.
  • Free yourself of the burdens, doubts, guilt, shame, anger and insecurities you carry AND that you’re seeing reflected back to you in your relationship with your child.
  • Process and move past the subconscious blocks that are harming your relationship with your child.
  • Experience a greater sense of connection with Source, yourself, your kids, your family, and your partner.
  • Strengthen your child’s self-esteem, and build her confidence.
  • Help your child relax, stay calm, and react to things in a healthy manner, instead of being angry and/or destructive.

And SO much more.

I can assure you, what I teach is absolutely CRITICAL if you want to transform your relationship with your child.


Ending the fights. Seeing your child genuinely HAPPY. Spending quality time together, as you build a strong, healthy relationship. Saving endless amounts of time, energy, money, and stress as you finally heal, together.


Imagine getting your life and family back!

YOU hold all the power—you simply need to learn how to access it.

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