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Meet Christina Louise


I’m Christina Louise, The Peaceful Parenting Coach.

I offer a unique understanding of what you and your child are going through, because I WAS a “challenging child” and “troubled teen” myself. Since my parents didn’t understand or know how to communicate with me, they just wound up making things worse. As time went on, I manifested self-loathing, anxiety, troubles with the law, and other serious issues including severe depression.

But, as an adult, I knew I had a CHOICE: I could blame my upbringing and continue suffering or I could take responsibility for ending the negative cycle in my family and heal my life.

So, I embarked on an enlightening road of personal and family transformation which taught me how to create a Shift that has made my  life so much easier. Now, I’m here to help you with your kid.

I’ve condensed what took me and my family almost 40 years (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) to learn into Programs and Retreats that are designed to show you how to create a Peaceful Home for you and your children.

Now, I’m living in paradise with my hunky husband, Jesús and raising a gorgeous, peaceful family of my own.

And you can too! Trust me, If I can do it with all the handicaps I endured, so can you!

If you’re ready for support, click here to request a complimentary Shift Session with me now.