“Parenting for a Peaceful Home” Video Interview Series

Summit Promo Dates: 7/17-28 (not on weekends)
Summit Airing Launches: 07/31

By participating in this groundbreaking video interview series, you will not only be elevating your expert status by aligning yourself with other successful entrepreneurs and change agents, but you will also be piggybacking off of the lists and following of your fellow speakers. This means you will have 21+ other speakers promoting you so that you can expand your reach and touch more people’s lives.

Who will this program help? Mothers between the ages of 35-55 who are spiritually inclined and feel challenged by parenting. Their children might be suffering from mental illness such as ADD, PTSD, Bipolar disorder or anxiety and/or depression. (MTHFR?) The children may be involved with the juvenile justice system. These moms need solid information, self-care and practical parenting techniques to help bring peace love, unity and respect back into their homes.

Christina Louise will personally help you promote a free gift to our viewers. Your free gift will lead back to your opt-in page where you can capture contact info and follow up on the new lead.

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